Makhno's Tomb


The author of the following letter to this Archive kindly provides some details regarding Makhno's tomb in Paris.

Hi there, 

Just thought I would send a little info your way regarding Makhno's grave. I was in Paris recently and visited it, but I found it quite difficult to figure out exactly where it was. There are at least two different references to his vault number that you can find fairly easily on the internet, but they are both incorrect, perhaps the vaults have been renumbered at some point over the last 70 years.

Makhno's final resting place is a crematory vault in Pere-Lachaise cemetery in Paris. His ashes are housed in the "Columbarium", which is a structure about 20 feet tall containing thousands of drawers in its walls, each with someone's ashes in it. He is in vault 6685. If you get one of the tourist maps, he is very close to Isadora Duncan, a famous dancer.

I attach a picture here for your information, I have also shot some video of the vault and the cemetery in case it ever comes in handy for anyone who needs it.


Photo by Yossarian

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